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Welcome To Bright Solar

Founded by PBT Group in 2010. Bright Solar is a fast growing solar energy company and one of the advanced fully vertically integrated Photo-Voltaic and Thermal manufactures.We develop, manufacture and sell high quality solar products to a wide range of market in all over India and the Asia Pacific basin.We are decided to a long-terms development strategy in order to meet the energy demands of a changing world.
               Bright Solar is a India’s No. 1 Solar Water Pump Company and we already installed over 2000 solar water pump system in India till date. The Company is now planning to make huge waves by its innovations and projects in the next few years. In the coming years, we want to establish ourselves as a strong force in the solar sector The Indian Government is actively encouraging the adoption of solar energy, with new policies, more subsides & text saving structures. Isn’t time you went solar too?

Bright Solar Water Pumping System

DC Solar Water Pump With Controller

AC Solar Water Pump With Inverter

News & Event

  • Renewable Energy Stall No. 7.92 participating - Renewable Energy India Expo on 3-5 September,2014 at Grater Noida, Delhi.


  • Karshan Patel

    I am glad to use the Bright Solar Water Pump. It is good for savings.
  • Vipulbhai

    Pumping water with Bright Solar Pvt. Ltd. is both cost-effective and reliable for livestock watering, small irrigation and domestic water in remote locations.